The Scientific Programme will include one invited talk and oral presentations.

Invited Speaker – Bonnie Webber, University of Edinburgh – Talk title: “Discourse Connectives Revisited”

Bonnie Webber received her PhD from Harvard University and then taught at the
University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for 20 years before joining the
School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, where she is now
professor emeritus.

Known for early research on “cooperative question-answering” and extended
research on discourse anaphora and discourse relations, she has served as
President of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) and Deputy
Chair of the European COST action IS1312, “TextLink: Structuring Discourse
in Multilingual Europe”. Along with Aravind Joshi, Rashmi Prasad, Alan Lee
and Eleni Miltsakaki, she is co-developer of the Penn Discourse TreeBank,
most recently, the PDTB-3.0 (LDC2019T05).

She is a Fellow of the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
(AAAI), the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) and the Royal
Society of Edinburgh (RSE). In July 2020, she was awarded the ACL Life Time
Achievement award. Her current interest is focussed on automating the
recognition and correction of inconsistencies in annotated corpora.

24 May 2022Programme

9:00Opening remarks
9:15-9:45Multiword expressions as discourse markers in multilingual TED-ELH Parallel Corpus, Giedre Valunaite Oeskeviciene and Chaya Liebeskind
9:45-10:15Towards Discourse Annotation in CLARIN-PL, Maciej Ogrodniczuk, Sebastian Żurowski and Paulina Rosalska
10:15-10:45Evaluation of Cross-Lingual Methods for Discourse Markers Detection, Kostadin Mishev, Mariana Damova, Giedre Valunaite Oleskeviciene, Chaya Liebeskind, Dimitar Trajanov, Purificação Silvano and Christian Chiarcos
10:45-11:15Coffee break
11:15-11:45Information-providing dialogue acts: taxonomic issues, Darinka Verdonik
12:00-13:00Invited Talk          Bonnie Webber – Discourse connectives revisited
13:00-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:30ISO-DR-core plugs into ISO-dialogue acts for a crosslinguistic taxonomy of discourse markers, Purificação Silvano and Mariana Damova
14:30-15:00Testing the Continuity Hypothesis: evidence from corpus analysis, Debopam Das and Markus Egg 
15:00-15:30QUDs and discourse relations: Non-at-issue information in texts, Christoph Hesse, Ralf Klabunde, Anton Benz and Maurice Langner
15:30-16:00Coffee break
16:30-17:00Closing remarks

DiSLiDaS Workshop participants at the end of the day